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† Master of Monster †

Don't betray us.

25 March
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This journal is open for the public, but to become one of my friends you must follow several rules.

  • No netspeak will contaminate my entries.

  • Also, don't type LiKe YoUr ShIfT kEy Is BeInG fUnKy.

  • 1337 is permitted, just don't overdo it like it's your second language.

  • You must occasionally comment on an entry, so I know you're alive.

  • Grammar and punctuation are your friends.

  • So is spelling.

  • When commenting, you can joke around. I don't care.

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Free Account Edition
User Number: 2316477
Date Created:2004-02-24
Number of Posts: 28

The Master - Platinum coils tumbled over the crook of neck; stray strands lingered over precious profile, tickling such soft n'sensitive skin. Silver-rimmed spectacles were perched 'pon the slender bridge of the nose; cold, calcuative pools glazed with a sheet of ice further examining their surroundings. Soft tongue flicked over bottom lip suggestively, a grin intoxicating those petals. An expensive cigar was wedged between both lips, shifting to the corner of her mouth; gray clouds billowed from the tip. Masculine uniform snugged every curve of 'er delicious physique.
Strengths: Goofy, fun, hyperactive, hilarious to be with, and pleasant (occasionally).
Weaknesses: Posessive, ill-tempered, peculiar, insane, cold, sadomasochistic, teaser, speaks if spoken to, and often mean-spirited.
Special Skills: Telepathic, pyrokinetic, along with a bit of telekinesis on the side. Oh, and I am the best medication for laughter.
Weapons: Berretta, pistols, and sharp, pointy vampiric fangs.
Pet Peeves: Stupid people and newbies.

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